Multilevel tobit models

The new metobit command fits multilevel and panel-data models for which the outcome is censored.

Censored means that rather than the outcome yy being observed precisely in all observations, it is known only that y≤yly≤yl (left-censoring) or y≥yuy≥yu (right-censoring) in some of the observations. For instance, the amount of a pollutant may be left-censored because the measurement instrument has a lower limit of detection. The number of attendees at an event may be right-censored because the stadium has a limited number of seats. Multilevel means that the fitted model accounts for lack of independence within groups of observations, such as people who live near each other or students who attend the same school or students who are tested repeatedly. metobit can also fit models with multiple levels of nesting. You can fit models with data on students within school districts within cities and even have random effects for each level!

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